Special Events


Celebrate any occasion at Blue Sky Farm.  Your guests will forever remember the party they attended with goats, horses, and other animals, a hidden Hobbit house, chickens running around, a donkey hee-hawing at you, tables set by a beautiful waterfall, and maybe even some goat yoga!  Find a date that works for you, and then call Ellen to book it!  $500 for up to 20 guests. $100 deposit.  Parties can proceed rain or shine.  In the case of rain, a party will be in the barn.  Set up with tables and chairs and a serving/dining area (free of most animals!) for any food, drinks or treats will be accessible.  Check out our available party dates here.


Provide a unique experience for your party guests, co-workers, Scouts, Book Clubs, Library Events, or any other group at YOUR location.  A safe fenced (temporary fencing works well) or closed area must be provided by you.  We will bring the baby goats to you and provide some adorable entertainment.  For extra fun, turn it into a goat yoga event!  Discuss pricing and coordinate event day/times with Ellen at (630) 774-9211.  Starting at $600.



We have created a retreat style experience complete with farm activities, food, goat yoga, and crafts!  Each retreat date will be announced on social media with specific details when it is set.  Check us out on Facebook!


Open Farm Days

This year we are introducing a few dates for Open Farm Days: 

Sunday, May 21st 1:00-5:00 and Saturday, October 21st 12:00-4:00

The cost will be $15 per person.  No reservation needed.  Just come out and enjoy.  Experiences will include viewing the animals, learning about animal care, and exploring the unique property of Blue Sky Farm. With whispering waterfalls, a hidden Hobbit House, and a few goats to greet you at the fence, relax under the overstory of trees and find the calm to energize your spirit.


Frequently Asked Questions


Some Q’s & A’s below are specific to private parties, others apply to all events.


What time may the party host arrive to set up?

The party-giver may arrive up to 20 minutes before the party begins to set up and unload.  At this time, please stay in the party set-up area.  If you have any children with you, please also keep them by your side.

PLEASE wait in your car if you are earlier than that. We need time to put the dogs away and greet you properly.  You may park close to the barn to unload, and then park near the fence.  We will direct your guests to park along the fence.


Can I bring decorations?

You may bring decorations, but please be aware of the things animals on the farm might ingest and keep them secured safely.


Can I bring refreshments (even beer or wine)?

Yes, you can, but it is best to leave it outside the yoga yard (if you are doing goat yoga) so the goats don’t spill or drink it!


Do you have tables?

We will provide tables, chairs and seating areas for you and your guests.


Information for Guests -Please remember to share the following info with each of your guests.

Our address is 8S890 Mighell Rd, Sugar Grove, IL 60554. We are between Prairie Rd. and Jericho Rd. on Mighell Rd. You will see a yellow farmhouse on the west side of the street. 


What time may guests arrive?

Please have guests arrive no sooner than 10 minutes before the party begins to get settled in and sign a waiver, but PLEASE wait in your car if you are earlier than that. We need time to put the dogs away and greet you properly. 


What happens if the weather is bad?

The party runs rain or shine. You will be outside on the grass, under some mature trees, if weather permits. You may need sunscreen, bug spray, or whatever you usually need when you are outside. You will be in the barn on a concrete floor if it is rainy or wet. 


Is there a shop to purchase souvenirs?

We have a gift shop available to your guests if you like.  We sell goat milk lotions, soaps, lip balm and Blue Sky Farm Goat Yoga T-shirts.  We may have other handcrafted items, as well.


If you are doing yoga during the party here are some additional answers to common questions:

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

Please have all guests bring a farm-friendly yoga mat or beach towel.  It might get a little dirty.


What if I don’t normally do yoga?

This is a gentle flow yoga class that focuses on many poses that the goats seem to enjoy. You might be surprised how much you enjoy doing yoga, but you don’t have to be a yogi to enjoy the day.


What should I wear?

Dress comfortably, but we suggest you leave the adorable yoga tank tops at home or under a T-Shirt. Sometimes tiny goat hooves are a little scratchy! We will be outside or in the barn, so dress for temperature and bring sunscreen if it’s a sunny day.


Will goats eat my shoelaces and hair?

A little bit!  Goats like to nibble on hair. You won’t get a major haircut, but bring a hair tie if you have longer hair. Take off your shoes.


Will the goats pee or poop on me?

Goats are not potty trained.  It happens.  We do our best to clean up quickly.  It’s a farm.


Will I need to sign a waiver for myself and/or my child between 12-17?

All adults 18 and over are required to sign a waiver. All minors need a parent or legal guardian to sign a waiver. Adults or minors accompanied by a parent, can sign here at the farm upon arrival.