Private Cuddles

Spend a private hour at Blue Sky Farm.  Meet our friendly adult goat herd, our mini donkey Jack, and mini horses Sophie and Jester.  Play and snuggle with our baby goats.  New babies arrive every few months! Meditate and relax in the Hobbit house.  Watch the chickens peck around or the barn cat looking for affection.  Laugh, talk, and spend unique time with family or friends, sharing in a therapeutic and joyful experience.  Your memories and picture-perfect moments will last a lifetime!

Our address is 8S890 Mighell Rd, Sugar Grove, IL 60554. We are between Prairie Rd. and Jericho Rd. on Mighell Rd. You will see a yellow farmhouse on the west side of the street.

Frequently Asked Questions


What time may I arrive?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the appointment begins, to get settled in and sign a waiver, but PLEASE wait in your car if you are earlier than that. We need time to put the dogs away and greet you properly.

We always do our best to start on time to respect every guest’s schedule.


What should I wear?

Dress comfortably and tuck in shoelaces or wear shoes without them. You may get a little bit dirty. We will be outside or in the barn, so dress for the temperature.


Will goats eat my hair?

A little bit!  Goats like to nibble on hair. You probably won’t get a major haircut, but bring a hair tie if you have longer hair.


Will the goats pee or poop on me?

Goats are not potty trained.  It happens.  We do our best to clean up quickly.  It’s a farm.


What happens if the weather is lousy?

Most of the experience is inside the barn.  Your appointment can still be enjoyed in inclement weather.


Is there a shop to purchase souvenirs?

We do have a gift shop available to our guests that sells goat milk lotions, soaps, lip balm and Blue Sky Farm Goat Yoga T-shirts.  We may have other handcrafted items, as well.


Will I need to sign a waiver for myself and/or my child between 12-17?

All adults 18 and over are required to sign a waiver. All minors need a parent or legal guardian to sign a waiver. Adults or minors accompanied by a parent, can sign here at the farm upon arrival.