Our Story

In 2012, I had this dream of owning a farm. I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I always loved animals and nature. I had no knowledge of what it would be like, but I had this vision of living a peaceful, more simplified life.  It just so happened that one day, I went out for a drive and traveled down a road I had not been down before.  There in front of me was a for sale sign, and I called the number. It was meant to be. I found out that the farmhouse and property had only been put on the market that very day.

I learned that the original owners were the Mighell (pronounced mile) family for which our road is is aptly named. They had owned the farm for 150 years.  It had been sold to only one other owner before we came along.  The home was built in the 1850’s set on 5.5 acres. The property also has a machine shed, a barn, and what we believe is the last standing concrete round corn crib in Kane county. We bought the farm in 2013 unsure what we wanted to do with it, but we were positive we wanted to share it with people. It took 2 years before we could move into the house permanently and another 3 years to update the property to make it ready for any business. Blue Sky Farm was born.

My original intention was to use my animals in a therapeutic way for people, but wasn’t sure how to get started. In 2017, a woman out in Oregon started something called goat yoga that was successful and since I had goats, I had a number of people tell me I should offer goat yoga classes. With nothing to lose and a way to share my passion for animals, we had our first goat yoga class in 2018. 

We have introduced our guests to Jack the donkey, mini horses Sophie and Jester, our adult goat herd Fauna, Doodlebug, Sansa, Dasher, Idgie, Ruth, Aggie, and Willie, our loving dogs Juno, Cooper, and Lolita, chickens Phyllis Diller, Iris, and Easter, Trixie our barn cat, Mama Fester and Kitten in the house. My husband has built a water feature complete with a hidden Hobbit House where guests can go sit and look out the window behind the waterfall. You don’t have to be a hobbit to fit inside!  So as you may see, we didn’t set out to be a goat yoga farm, however, our love of animals and a desire connect people with the animals, the earth, and each other set us on this path. We have since branched out to Cuddles, Special Events, Retreats, Goats-to-Go, Corporate Retreats, Open Barn Days, and Life Coaching. 

Thank you to all the amazing guests who have visited throughout the last few years. You always tell me how special you think this place is to you. Just know that your presence and ability to be in the moment here is what makes it special for me.

I truly appreciate all your positive feedback about Blue Sky Farm and recommendations on Facebook, Google Reviews, and Yelp.