Life Coaching

Ellen Beaulieu Bio

Educated at Eastern Illinois University, Ellen became a certified special education teacher.  She devoted her early career to students of District #135 in Orland Park and to families of children with special needs as a nanny and caregiver. Ellen then went on to work for an Inc. 500 Company as the Human Resources Director and Employee Development Coach before she combined all these passions for people to move forward in her career path. She graduated from The Life Coach Institute with her certification in Life Coaching and also obtained her certification in Animal-Assisted Therapy from Harcum College.  She hopes to merge her love of animals and Nature with the practice of coaching at Blue Sky Farm. This non-traditional coaching practice will allow clients to interact with Ellen while immersing themselves in the surroundings of the farm and its animals.  Integrating animal therapy with the skills of life coaching, Ellen will strive to provide the tools and life strategies for you to feel, do, and be your best self. Call or text Ellen to set up a free ½ hour coaching session and discover if her life coaching style meets your needs – (630) 774-9211.


A Word From Ellen

My name is Ellen Beaulieu.  I have spent the last 10 years living my dream.  My husband and I purchased what is now Blue Sky Farm in 2013.  It is difficult to explain the joy I get from owning this home.  Yes, it is a ton of work, but it feels more like I “get to do this” work, rather than “I have to do this” work.  We continually pour time, energy, and love into remodeling our farmhouse, which was originally built in the 1850’s.  The barns and beautiful landmark corn crib have been restored, and best of all, filled with adorable animals.

To get to know me better, you have to understand that when I was little, I desired nothing more than owning a pet, namely a dog of my own.  My mom says I took my first steps trying to reach a dog at a family party.  My parents, never having known the love of a dog, did not see the need for one.  Every candle blown out on my birthday and each yearly visit to Santa did not produce a dog either.  I did have fish, a chameleon, a turtle, and even a parakeet, but never a furry four-legged friend of my dreams. Now, I have made up for those years of hoping on a sleigh and wishing upon on a cake, by making my own dreams come true at Blue Sky Farm.  We invited mini horses (Jester and Sophie), a donkey (Jack) who loves to snuggle, many goats, beautiful dogs (Juno, Cooper, and Lolita), indoor and outdoor cats, chickens, fish, turtles, and even shrimp to our farm!  Though I cannot snuggle shrimp, my point is that I have surrounded myself with animals and Nature because I know firsthand the therapeutic benefits of that connection. I used to look upon others who were blessed to grow up, surrounded by four legged therapists, as living a charmed life. Inherently, I have always known the healing effects animals can have on people, but there were very few opportunities for me to experience them before now.

Animals can nourish the soul in ways you can only understand when you interact with them.  So many people come here and say you are “living my dream.”  I have heard it so many times that I should put that on a sign and hang it on the barn! I believe that in today’s world we need to quench our desire to connect with animals to get in touch with our inner selves. There is nothing like feeling a horse’s warm breath on your face, or the soft kisses of a baby goat, the magic understanding in a donkey’s expressive eyes, or even the gentle nudge from Lolita’s nose when she needs attention.  It’s a reciprocal magic here on the farm.  The animals need our love and care as much as our humanity needs theirs.  Connect to the animals, the earth, and each other and feel welcome to share in the magic of surrounding yourself with the contentment, joy, and charm that is Blue Sky Farm.